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Published and Forthcoming Work

Morris, Kevin and Kelsey Shoub (2024). "Contested Killings: The Mobilizing Effects of Community Contact with Police Violence." American Political Science Review, 118(1): 458-74. (Open Access: Publisher's Version)

Morris, Kevin (2024). "Linking Geographically-Mediated Racial Threat and Racial Resentment." Socius, 10(Open Access: Publisher's Version​)

Morris, Kevin (2023). "A Right Restricted: Racial Threat and the Sponsorship of Restrictive Voting Laws." Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics, 8 (3): 421-45. (Open Access: Publisher's Version)

Ben-Menachem, Jonathan and Kevin Morris (2023). "Ticketing and Turnout: How Policing for Profit Shapes Democratic Participation." American Political Science Review, 117 (3): 822-34. (Open Access: Publisher's Version)

Morris, Kevin and Peter Miller (2023). "Authority After the Tempest: Hurricane Michael and the 2018 Elections." Journal of Politics, 85 (2): 405-20. (Publisher's Version) (Accepted Version)

Morris, Kevin and Peter Miller (2022). "Voting in a Pandemic: COVID-19 and Primary Turnout in Milwaukee, Wisconsin." Urban Affairs Review, 58 (2): 597-613. (Publisher's Version(Pre-print)

Morris, Kevin (2021). "Turnout and Amendment 4: Mobilizing Eligible Voters Close to Formerly Incarcerated Floridians." American Political Science Review, 115 (3): 805-20. (Publisher's Version(Accepted Version)

Morris, Kevin (2021). “Welcome Home—Now Vote! Voting Rights Restoration and Postsupervision Participation.” Social Science Quarterly, 102 (1): 140–53. (Publisher's Version (free access))

Morris, Kevin (2021). “Neighborhoods and Felony Disenfranchisement: The Case of New York City.” Urban Affairs Review, 57 (5): 1203-25. (Publisher's Version(Pre-print)

Morris, Kevin, and Myrna Pérez (2021). “Barriers to the Ballot Box in Texas.” In Mexican American Civil Rights in Texas, edited by Robert Brischetto and J. Richard Avena, 225–41. Michigan State University Press. (Pre-print)

Working Papers

Between Withdrawal and Engagement: Disentangling the Effects of Covid-19 on Turnout. Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Politics.  (Working Paper).

Crossover Voting Rates in Partisan and Nonpartisan Elections: Evidence from Cast Vote Records (with Conor Dowling and Michael G. Miller). Revise and Resubmit, Political Research Quarterly. (Working Paper).

Did Shelby County v. Holder Increase the Racial Turnout Gap? (with Michael G. Miller) (Working Paper).

On Fertile Ground: How Racial Resentment Primes White Americans to Believe Fraud Accusations (with Ian Shapiro) (Working Paper).

The Disparate and Durable Effects of Mail Voting Restrictions: Evidence from Texas (with Michael G. Miller, Ian Shapiro, and Coryn Grange).


Manza, Jeff, and Kevin Morris. "Felony Disenfranchisement and Political Inequality." In Social Stratification: Class, Race, and Gender in Sociological Perspective, edited by David B Grusky, Nima Dahir, and Claire Daviss, 5th ed.

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